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Recommended Low Vision Aids


Hand Magnifiers

Familiar to most people and are available in varying strengths. Reading material is not necessarily held as close to the face as with magnifying spectacles.Some models come with a built-in light.

Stand magnifiers
Rest directly on the reading material, keeping the lens at the proper distance from the page. Useful for patients with a tremor or arthritis.

For seeing objects or reading signs that are far away. They can be handheld like a pair of regular binoculars or mounted on a pair of eyeglasses.

Video magnifiers
Electronic devices that use a camera and television screen to enlarge printed material, pictures, or small objects. They are adjustable and can enhance the material by making the print appear darker

Lighting and Glare

Good lighting and glare control are very important. Use a bright light when reading and adjust for the greatest visibility without glare.

Stronger light bulbs in darkly lit areas make tasks like cooking, dressing, and stairs easier. Wearing a hat with a wide brim or tinted wraparound sunglasses can shield from dazzling and annoying overhead lights or sunlight.

Magnifying Spectacles

Stronger than ordinary glasses. Can be used for near tasks, such as reading or threading a needle. The printed page or object must be held closer than usual to keep things in focus. One advantage is that your hands remain free to hold reading materials or perform tasks.


Other Low-Vision Devices and Techniques

  • Electronic books, e-book readers and audio books
  • Large-print books, newspapers, magazines, playing cards, and banking checks
  • High-contrast and large number telephones, thermostats, watches, and remote controls; talking watches, timers, books, and medical devices
  • Bold-tipped markers for easy-to-read shopping and phone number lists
  • Computers that can magnify (on screen or on paper) any printed material or picture, or that read aloud what is viewed on screen
  • Sitting closer to the television (this will not damage your eyes)

Additional Resources for Low Vision with AMD

Queensland Vision Initiative: website

Low Vision Clinics and Rehabilitation Agencies

Greenslopes Low Vision Care Clinic

Physical Location:
Outpatient Department
Greenslopes Private Hospital
Newdegate Street
Greenslopes QLD 4120

Contact Details:
T: (07) 3394 7670
F: (07) 3394 7469

Brisbane Guide Dogs Queensland

Physical Location:
1978 Gympie Road
PO Box 50
Bald Hills QLD 4036

Contact Details:
T: (07) 3500 9060
F: (07) 3261 4833

QUT Visiona Rehabilitation Centre (VRC)

Physical Location:
QUT Optometry Clinic
QUT (Kelvin Grove Campus)
44 Musk Ave
Kelvin Grove QLD 4059

Contact Details:
T: (07) 3864 5743

Vison Australia Queensland

Physical Location:
373 Old Cleveland Road
Coorparoo QLD 4151
Postal address: PO Box 1637
Coorparoo DC , QLD 4151

Contact Details:
T: 1300 84 74 66 or 07 3727 2345
F: 07 3727 2222

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