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Billing Information

At Northpoint Eye Care, we believe that informed financial consent is an integral part of your consultation and the path to surgery. Once it has been determined that you require surgery, we will provide you with an Estimate of Fees, outlining surgeon costs including an approximation of out of pocket expenses. Of course, the exact procedure performed may change during an operation, as such the Estimate of Fees is an approximation only and therefore the final bill may be more or less than the initial estimate.

There will be separate costs involved for the hospital. There will be a rebate on all these costs by medicare, and/or you health fund and the difference will be provided to you. You will be billed separately by your Anaesthetist, however, we can provide an estimate of these costs.

For emergency procedures, it may not be possible to provide a written Estimate of Fees, however, we will endeavour to provide you with as much information as possible.

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